If you enjoy coming to classes on a regular basis and also take advantages of the many day and half day courses throughout the year, then you may like to invest in a Centre Card.

Sign up for a Losang Dragpa Centre card for $70 per month* and attend as many classes as you like- as well as day courses, study programs, weekend courses and empowerments. For example, with a Centre Card you can attend our Glenrock Lagoon retreat for only $100 compared to $200, and you’ll find that many day courses are free of charge.

With a Centre Card you will save money and support the development of Kadampa Buddhism throughout the Hunter region.

*Please note: Centre Cards are not available for periods of less than 3 months.

If you wish to become a member, please email ad@meditateinnewcastle.org for further information or call the centre 40234562.